St Mark, winged lion of the Evangelist
St Mark's Church Community Centre, Bedford
A Christian Church where you will find a welcome whoever you are. Sunday worship is 9.30am with Sunday School and creche. We also provide a community centre open each day from 8.00am until late, welcoming over 60 community groups and charities based at our centre. 
St Mark's Church, Diocese of St Albans, part of the worldwide Anglican Church
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St Mark's Church Sunday Worship

8.30am Holy Communion. 
This service alternates between us and our sister church at Putnoe Heights. It is held at St Mark’s on the second and fourth Sunday every month.

9.30am Morning Worship 
Morning worship is an easy to follow service using printed orders of service and lasting about an hour. We seek to combine traditional hymn favourites with the best of more modern worship music to provide something for all tastes. Our Ministers are present at the services and occasionally we welcome visiting Local Preachers from the Methodist Church to join us. Children are always welcome and we have a crèche and Sunday school. 
Church Services
St Mark’s Church services are varied and try to keep a balance between the traditional and more recent influences. We are never stuffy and our music includes well known hymns as well as contemporary songs and choruses. Whatever your preferences you can be sure you will find something for you. This is a church for people who welcome the opportunity to be themselves, think through their faith intelligently and be open and tolerant to people who think differently.  

Pattern of Worship Sunday Service 9.30am

First Sunday Family Worship -  A family occasion where baptisms may occasionally take place. Children are encouraged to stay in the service.
Second Sunday Morning Worship - Proper orders of service but not stuffy and embracing traditional hymns and the best of modern worship.
Third Sunday Holy Communion - We invite everybody to share in taking bread and wine.
Fourth Sunday Morning Worship (Like the second Sunday)
Fifth Sunday - Holy Communion - on this occasion with an opportunity for prayer for Christian healing. 

Wednesdays Holy Communion

This takes place in the chapel at 10.00am every Wednesday, followed by coffee and usually cake !

Messy Church

Once a month on the third Wednesday we have Messy Church from 3.45pm - 5.30pm. This is a special time for children of lower school age and their carers. Time is spent making things, singing, and listening to Bible stories and we always finish with a cooked meal !

For more details contact Reader Mrs Wendy Waters 01234 342613

Information about St Mark's Church 

At the heart of all that goes on at St Mark's is a Christian church which meets for the main worship service at 9.30am on a Sunday morning. Inside the main church hall you will see early works of the stained glass artist Joseph Nuttgens, who has since been commissioned for works in places such as Windsor Chapel and Durham Cathedral. Joseph also made the beautiful windows in the Chapel which was built in 2005. This is kept open each day during daylight hours as a quiet place for visitors where you may also light prayer candles. A service of Holy Communion takes place in the chapel every Wednesday morning at 10.00am. You may also see the Book of Remembrance with inscriptions and memories of people interred in our beautiful Garden of Remembrance which can be accessed by the lych gate at the front of the Church.

Hanging in our church you will see a hot cross bun, hung each Good Friday to remember the crucifixion of Jesus. Traditionally such buns were fed to the sick in the belief that the power of the cross would heal, some have thought this might be attributed to penicillin present in the mould! We no longer eat the bun but it does remind us of that Good Friday 2000 years ago when Jesus said ‘Father forgive them’ and poured out forgiveness even on those who crucified him. So too for us the death of Jesus on the cross assures us throughout the year of the love and forgiveness of God. You will see a wooden cross hangs high over our buildings today as a sign of God’s love for all who enter this place. 

We believe all people should come together to worship God whatever their church background, or none at all. We welcome everybody to join us in our worship and we extend a very warm welcome to you. Why not come along one Sunday? Increasingly people are finding faith in God important for their lives. The Christian message makes sense of life and gives meaning to our world. Sometimes we can become aware of this at significant times in our lives as life changing events happen. 

At St Mark’s we welcome all who wish to consider baptism or marriage and copies of our booklets describing arrangements for each are available from the Church and on our website. At times of bereavement too, in addition to offering funeral services the church can offer support and care for the friends and loved ones of the deceased and be a place of comfort amid the grief in the context of the Christian faith. 
Whatever your circumstances, if you believe that there really is more to life and wish to learn about God and his love for us through sharing with others then why not come along to St. Mark’s and see for yourself. There is no pressure to conform to a religious mold, you are free to grow and to be the kind of person that God made you to be in Christ and in Him we are all one 
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