St Mark, winged lion of the Evangelist
St Mark's Church Community Centre, Bedford
A Christian Church where you will find a welcome whoever you are. Sunday worship is 9.30am with Sunday School and creche. We also provide a community centre open each day from 8.00am until late, welcoming over 60 community groups and charities based at our centre. 
St Mark's Church, Diocese of St Albans, part of the worldwide Anglican Church
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Constitution and Minutes

St Mark's Church Community Centre -  Constitution and Policy Documents

St Mark's Church is a registered charity known as The Parochial Church Council of the Ecclesiastical Parish of St Mark, Bedford. Also known as 
St Mark's Church Community Centre

The purpose of the charity is recorded as

(a) the celebration of public worship and sacraments;
(b) the teaching of the Christian faith;
(c) promoting and supporting the Christian mission and evangelism;
(d) pastoral work (including visiting the sick and the bereaved);
(e) the provision of facilities with a Christian ethos for the local community (including, but not restricted to, the elderly, the young, and other groups with disabilities and or special needs)
(f) the provision of a sacred space for personal prayer and contemplation
(g) promoting the whole mission of the Church through provision of activities for senior citizens, parent and toddlers and special needs groups.
(h) supporting other charities in the UK and overseas
(i) the taking of religious assemblies in schools

St Mark's states that it provides for the community in the following statement 

The church community centre operates as a resource for community life opening each day from 8:00 am until 11:00 pm. The centre has multiple facilities for groups to meet simultaneously therefore a day-care centre of people with learning disabilities may operate at the same time as a pre-school, the credit union and a group engaged in adult learning. The premises are entirely accessible throughout for all people and are made available without restriction on a low cost, multi-occupancy basis.

St Mark's Church Community Centre Mission Statement

St. Mark’s Church Community Centre will be a foundation and resource for the positive development and growth of the individual and community life. 

We will achieve this by -
  1. Working alongside other agencies, statutory bodies and charities to offer a partnership approach to community needs
  2. Providing an efficient and well managed suite of premises conforming to the highest standards of health and safety
  3. Valuing the importance of satisfactory training, supervision and support for all staff and volunteers involved in the work of the Centre
  4. Recognising our responsibility to all groups within the community and ensuring a welcoming and safe environment where all individuals are valued irrespective of age, gender, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, appearance or marital status
  5. Listening and obtaining feedback from those who use our services through regular use of assessment and monitoring tools. Evaluating our provision and maintaining an awareness of the constant need for our evolution and growth to meet the demands of a changing society

The following documents relate to the constitution and registration of St Mark's as a charity 

Additional Policy Documents

'Promoting a Safe Church', policy for safeguarding adults in the Church of England

'Protecting all God's Children', policy for safeguarding children in the Church of England

Making sure we work alongside other professionals to identify ear;y stages of radicalisation

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